Chapeau FX - Flare Compositor - (freelance) August 2015 ? September 2015

? Compositing, 3D tracking, and Clean up work.

Mirada Studios - Flame/Smoke Finishing- (freelance) April 2015 ? July 2015

? Assisted Facility in managing projects across on 4 Flames 2 Smokes, So media was ready for any freelancer brought in. Compositing shots and Helping with Rotoscoping. Also responsible for Layoffs or file output for all different Size and Aspect Versions going to clients.

MFX Design- Smoke DI finishing - (freelance) 2011 - 2013

? Television: Dexter, Two And Half Men, Mike And Molly, Newsroom, How I Met Your Mother, Two Broke Girls, Malibu Country, Mom, Trophy Wife, Enlisted, and Anger management.

At The Post - Flame Compositor - (freelance) 2013

? Television: Barbara Stristien Special Concert - Clean up and beauty work.

MPC Los Angeles - Flame Compositor - (freelance) 2011 - 2012

? Commercial: Hyundai spot. Compositing, and editing.

G4 Television - Smoke Editor - (freelance) 2011

? Television: On-Lined a Promo for ?Attack of the Show?. 2D type and character animations.

Company 3 - Smoke DI finishing - (freelance) 2010

? Film: On-lined a Trailer for ?Freddy Kruger Nightmares 13?. G-masking for blood removals.

ShadeVFX - Nuke Compositor - (freelance) 2010-2011

? Film: Battle LA - we did a series of Monitor composites. 4point and 3D tracking in all shots.

? Commercial: Time-Warner Cable ?Lag?.

Digital Domain - Flame/Nuke Compositor - (staffed job) 2005-2009

? Film: Stealth, Mummy 3, Pirates of the Caribbean, Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and TRON2.

? Commercials: American Express, Gears of War, Lexus, GMC, Hummer, Jak and Dax, Coors, Budweiser.

Yu+Co - Flame/Smoke DI Finishing - (freelance) 1999-2004

? Film Trailers: Rated X, and Terminal.
? Film Titles: Hulk (French/Italian versions), The Rundown, Poncho Villa, Paycheck, and Sueno.

? Commercial: Zelnorm.

Imaginary Forces - Flame/Smoke DI Finishing - (freelance) 1999-2003

? Film Titles: Wild Wild West, Unbreakable, Charlie's Angels, Mummy 2, The One.

? Commercials: Janus, Aero, and Nissan.

SONY Imageworks - Inferno Compositing - (freelance) 2000

? Film: Hollowman, CastAway, and What Lies Beneath.

Caliban Filmworks - Inferno/Flame Compositor -  1995-2000

? Film: Postman, As Good As It Gets, Sunset Strip, X-Files (the movie).
? Film Title: Blast From The Past.